Linda Schaller | Testimonials

Linda and her team are very proud about the work they undertake for their patients who visit the dental practice in Ilford (Essex) so it is always nice when they are kind enough to say a few words about their experience.

Below there are a number of testimonials which Linda and her team have received from their patients, which we hope will encourage more people to come and see why they have been so successful over the years and still operate a successful practice today.

Please feel free to call the team today on 0208 550 8884 to discuss any questions you may have regarding the products and services that are offered at the dental practice. If you would prefer to email the team, please send your message to info@lindaschaller.co.uk and they will respond accordingly.

Clients Say...

  • Dentists aren’t always the place you want to be in! But Linda has changed all that for me. I cant say enough about Linda as a person and a dentist. I was terrified of going to visit my previous dentist but now I am very happy with everything. Both during and after any treatment I receive I am made to feel very comfortable and am always very pleased with the results. All in all, any future dental work or facial aesthetic work, will no longer be a concern to me. I am very happy to recommend Linda. Keep up the good work!

    Ruth. Hayter - Patient
  • Linda Schaller has been my family’s dentist for nearly 20 years. She was recommended by several friends, who’d had complex dental work, when my new dentist wanted to remove two remaining baby teeth; despite the fact only one was irreparably broken. The two factors that made me decide on Linda was that she was very keen on preventative care and that I had been told she put a needle in without the patient feeling it – important as I had young children. The fact that I still have one of my baby teeth is due to Linda’s care. Her preventative care shows in my children’s teeth. She uses dental technicians and recommends specialists of the highest quality – thus crowns fit first time, colors’ match and specialists do a first class job. If Linda tells me I need something done to my teeth, I don’t question her advice – I let her do her job. I trust her totally; that whatever she does is in the best interests of me having healthy teeth.

    J. Elias - Patient
  • I went to Linda Schaller for Botox injections on my forehead wrinkles and the frown lines between my nose. I am in my fifties and although I wanted to look better I did not want to take the risk of cosmetic surgery. Linda took time to explain all the details of Botox and I felt I was in good hands.I also received a follow-up phone call to make sure I was happy with my results. I was very impressed with how effective the Botox was and would recommend Linda to anyone. The results were excellent and very natural looking.

    S. Phipson - Patient
  • I am 19 and spent many years having problems with my teeth and so afraid of the Dentist I had to have all my procedures however small under general anesthetic. I was recommended to Linda three years ago and thanks to her considerate and caring approach I now look forward to my check-ups and if I need a procedure I can have this done without any fear.

    Daughter of S. Phipson - Patient
  • I was recommended to Linda by a work colleague having been frustrated by a recurring problem that my own dentist seemed unable to correct. One appointment later and all was well and I wished that I had sought her help sooner. The atmosphere in Linda’s consulting room is pleasant and she even managed to not hurt too much! I am happy to now be her patient.

    Mr. Robinson - Patient

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