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Sedation dentistry is a service, which is tailored to those clients, who for one reason or another have a phobia of dentists. Usually when patients have been coming to see Linda and her team at the dental surgery in Ilford (Essex) for many years, the requirement for ‘Conscious Sedation’ starts to become reduced as confidence increases and they feel more relaxed.

However, for some patients a visit to the dentist can be a traumatic experience on its own. This is usually before any treatments are undertaken such as the removal of wisdom teeth and other more serious procedures. In this case conscious sedation can be administered either intravenously or orally. As a professional, highly qualified and experienced dentist, Linda finds that either one of these types of sedation dentistry works perfectly for nervous patients.

Below we have included a little more information about these two types of Conscious Sedation as well as a breakdown of some of the benefits that sedation dentistry has to offer.

Intravenous and Oral Sedation

With intravenous and oral sedation, an anaesthetist has to be present to administer the anaesthesia but they are also required to stay throughout the whole procedure to monitor you to ensure you are looked after every step of the way. The anaesthetist will then stay with you right up until the point you are ready to leave. They will also provide key information you need in respect of aftercare once you have left the dental surgery.


Linda is a dentist for nervous patients. For oral sedation, the patient drinks a small dose of oral temazepam which has a very relaxing effect. All procedures may be carried out as although the patient is conscious they are totally relaxed. Patients have to be accompanied home and should not drive for 24 hours.

You are advised to arrive at the dental practice 30 minutes prior to your treatment taking place in order for you to drink the oral sedative and for you to be watched whilst it takes effect, before any dental work can commence.

Advantages of conscious sedation are:

1) You are anxiety free.
2) You are able to cooperate with me.
3) At no stage are you unconscious and you are able to react to instructions.
4) You control your own breathing.

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