Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment (also known as endodontic therapy) is the process that a dentist undertakes when the nerve and blood vessels in the centre of the tooth (the pulp) become inflamed and infected. The idea of this treatment is to eliminate the infection and to prevent future problems. It is important to make sure you contact your dentist as soon as you experience pain. In some instances the tooth will need a root canal treatment.

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The root canal treatment procedure involves cleaning out the root canals within the tooth and then placing a plastic root canal filling in it. This may be done over one or two visits. The tooth is then restored most likely with a crown. Linda usually refers her patients to a root canal specialist who carries out root canal therapy and also root canal surgery if necessary. The root canal procedure is a painfree experience and patients are always pleasantly surprised.


Unfortunately root canal treatment is one of the most feared treatments for patients who attend a dental surgery, especially when it comes to nervous patients which is why Linda and her team take the time to explain that this treatment is relatively painless because of advances in modern technology combined with the use of anaesthesia.

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