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General dentistry is a term widely used in the industry to describe the traditional services offered by dentists within their dental practice. These services can include tooth abscess treatment, tooth removal and tooth replacement. Linda’s surgery will always provide the best in teeth care.

Most people will experience dental decay at least once in their lives. Linda and her team have always preferred to practice prevention of disease, which is why adults as well as children are offered fissure sealants, dietary advice and oral hygiene techniques to try and prevent or arrest decay and gum disease.

Tooth care and tooth hygiene is an extremely important part of maintaining good health. All of the patients who attend Linda’s dental practice are shown how to brush their teeth in the correct way and shown which interdental aids to use. With many years of knowledge and experience, the whole team is best placed to provide expert advice no matter which area of dentistry that their patients wish to discuss.

Patients are advised how often they need to have their teeth cleaned professionally and most importantly given tips on how to look after their teeth. Dietary advice, preventing grinding and not smoking are all great ways to ensure patients have healthy teeth and gums.

When it comes to other more intrusive procedures such as tooth extraction including wisdom teeth removal or treatment of an abscess on your tooth, Linda and her team of qualified dental nurses will take the time to explain every stage of the process.

Other areas of general dentistry can include dentures. Our surgery can take care of everything from partial or full dentures (false teeth) through to denture repairs.


Please feel free to call the team today on 0208 550 8884 to discuss any questions you may have regarding the products and services offered at their dental practice. If you would prefer to email them, then please send your message to and someone will respond accordingly.

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