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Dentistry for children and family dentistry are a key part in establishing a successful practice. Linda Schaller and her team of nurses in Ilford in Essex provide a fantastic service when it comes to dentistry for children. They appreciate that the first experience a child has with the family dentist can determine how they perceive dentistry in their future.

For parents maintaining family dental care including dental care for their children is extremely important and dental care for kids can be a traumatic experience if not undertaken in the right way.

A fear of dentists is the last thing that we want to instill in our children, which is why Linda and her team take the time needed to get to know and understand each and every patient no mater what their age. Linda and her team not only enjoy treating children but they also appreciate they are the adults of the future.

Children are always treated with lots of TLC in order to reassure them that this is not something to be feared. Learning good habits and looking after their teeth from a young age means relaxed adults in the future.

We understand the importance of family dentistry

Dental care for children involves building up their confidence. Linda is a wonderful children’s dentist which is why many children who were once her patients when they were kids are now adults bringing children of their own to her and her team to look after. Choosing your kids dentist shapes their experience of dentistry for life.

Any child that requires orthodontics may be referred to orthodontists locally that Linda has not only built up a longstanding working relationship with but those in which she has complete confidence in their ability. However, Linda and her team will undertake extractions for children including orthodontic extractions.

Linda volunteers once a year to treat underprivileged children in a dental clinic in Jerusalem as part of her ongoing charity work.

Please feel free to call Linda and the team on 0208 550 8884 to discuss any questions you may have regarding the products and services offered at the dental practice. If you would prefer to email the team then please send your message to and they will respond accordingly.

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